Residential air duct cleaning

Clothes Dryer Solutions

Dryer Duct and Interior Cleaning 

  1. Clean dryer exhaust duct from where lint leaves the back of the dryer to where it is exhausted outside of the home. 
  2. Clean dryer inside compartments where dryer motor, electronics, and heating element are located.
  3. Vacuum clean lint from area around dryer in laundry room.

Dryer Duct Installation

  1. Install new rigid metal dryer duct from laundry room floor/wall to dryer exhaust vent at exterior of building.
  2. Re-route existing dryer exhaust duct to a different exhaust vent location at exterior of building. 

Dryer Flex Transition

  1. Install new In-O-Vate Technologies DryerFlex transition duct from back of dryer to the dryer exhaust duct connection on floor or wall of laundry room. 

Dryer Wall Vent Installation

  1. Install new In-O-Vate DryerWallVent metal exhaust vent on exterior of building. 

Air Duct Solutions

Air Duct Inspection and Report

  1. Conduct visual inspection of air ducts using photo and video camera to determine the presence or absence of system contaminants, air leakage and energy efficiency analysis, potential damages to air distribution system, and the causes of any issues discovered during an inspection.
  2. Provide a comprehensive report with photo and video evidence of inspection findings, and include recommendations to fix any issues found with air ducts. 

Air Duct Cleaning

  1. Connect 35HP turbine engine trailer-mounted Hypervac HAVOC dust collection vacuum to the HVAC supply and return air ducts.
  2. Setup trailer-mounted industrial air compressor with our pneumatic agitation tools to dislodge system contaminants from inside air ducts.
  3. Mechanically agitate system contaminants inside air ducts and push towards vacuum collection device.
  4. Clean up around service area after air ducts have been cleaned.
  5. Conduct visual inspection and take photos to verify successful cleaning of air ducts.
  6. Close all service openings created for vacuum collection device. 

Air Duct Sealing

  1. Inspect air distribution system and air ducts for signs of duct leakage.
  2. Install air-tight mastic coating to exterior of air ducts on accessible seams, connections, penetrations, and duct locations where air leakage is present. 
  3. Install air-tight sealant caulk or putty to all duct and vent boot connections.

Air Duct Fiberglass Restoration/Encapsulation

  1. Clean all interior lined fiberglass air ducts.
  2. Install Fiberlock IAQ 8000 Insulation Encapsulate coating to lock down fiberglass insulation fibers and prevent them from entering the airstream. 

Air Duct Repair and Installation

  1. When replacement is necessary, install new air ducts, duct connections to trunk line, duct boot connections, vents, grilles, and diffusers.
  2. When possible, repair existing air ducts, duct connections, boot connections, vents, grilles, and diffusers to work as designed.