commercial air duct cleaning

HVAC System Solutions

HVAC System Inspection

  1. Conduct visual inspection of HVAC system and internal components to determine the condition, test for proper function, and diagnose potential causes of issues found during the inspection.
  2. Provide inspection findings and recommendations in a report.

HVAC System/AHU/Furnace Cleaning

  1. Clean HVAC system and components using type 1 (dry) cleaning methods including contact vacuuming to remove system contaminants, compressed air cleaning, and surface wiping with dry rags.
  2. If needed, clean HVAC system and components using type 2 (wet) cleaning methods including chemical treatment and wiping of interior surfaces. 

HVAC System Coil Cleaning

  1. Type 1 coil cleaning (dry) includes vacuuming with a brush attachment, combing through the coil fins to remove system contaminants, and using compressed air cleaning methods to blow system contaminants off of the coils.
  2. Type 2 coil cleaning (wet) includes applying chemical cleaning solutions, water pressure, or using steam to clean the evaporative and condenser coils for the HVAC system. 

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor Air Quality Test and Report

  1. Setup an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitor for 3-5 days inside of a home to test for common indoor air pollutants that negatively affect Indoor Air Quality.
  2. Provide comprehensive report of indoor air pollutants present, their concentrations at different times, normal ranges, and recommendations to fix issues for pollutants found outside of normal ranges. 

4-Stage Filtration Air Purification Rental

  1. Setup our Abatement Technologies 4-Stage Filtration Air Scrubber to immediately start removing indoor air pollutants from the air.
  2. 4-Stage Filtration includes a mesh filter for larger debris found in the airstream, a charcoal filter to remove foul odors and contaminants, a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to remove 99.97% of contaminants from the airstream, and a UVC light filter to kill airborne organic microbes.  

Hydroxyl Generator Odor Eliminator Rental

  1. Setup our Hydroxyl Odor Eliminator, which is safe for use indoors with building occupants present, to remove odors caused by all types of issues including smoke odor elimination, fire odors, musty smells, and other odors which negatively impact the indoor air quality.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Installation

  1. Create an airtight building envelope in the crawl space by sealing off all vents, cracks, and penetrations to the outside.
  2. Install Bora-Foam Insulation Board on all exterior walls of crawlspace to create thermal shell from outside weather.
  3. Install supply air inducer or dehumidifier to condition crawl space environment and keep at similar temperature to rest of home.
  4. Install drainage system in crawlspace to prevent moisture from getting trapped on top of vapor barrier.
  5. Install scrim-reinforced polyethylene vapor barrier to walls and floor of crawl space to prevent moisture intrusion into the crawl space.